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Banking| Mobile| 2023

The project

Fintech is ​a mobile banking application for people that are frustrated with big name banking applications that have distracting adds and insights that don't elicit behavioral changesThe goal of Fintech is to provide users key insights into their expesnes and savings that allow people to make informative adjustments to their budget.


Fintech's home page presents the user with key insights in their expenses and savings. The comparison of expenses and savings to last month by categories lets the user know where they need to make changes.


Statistics on key categories of expenses and income allow the user to clearly track where their money is coming and going. This gives them real-time insight to their finances so that they can make behavioral adjustments to their budget.


Fintech allows the user to deep dive into the transactions of each account and identifies balance over time. This helps the user understand the health of their accounts and compare them to past performance. Additionally, a keyword search allows the user to easily find a past transactions that help them make financial decisions.

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