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Auros Assessments

B2B | Engineering | Mobile | 2023
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The project

Auros is an enterprise web-based B2B desktop application designed to help capture, share, and reuse company knowledge. It is used by Engineering Teams to track and evaluate their Engineering knowledge.


I designed a mobile experience for Engineers to evaluate their knowledge in the field (e.g. a plant floor) through Auros Assessments.

The problems

Engineers that audit processes in the field--like a plant auditor, have to print their best practices and manually write down their evaluations because a laptop is cumbersome carry and use the field.

Find Ready Assessments

The Assessments tab shows the Engineer all of the things awaiting their evaluation. Progress bars, Conformance State counts, and Last Update gives them a quick snapshot on the progress and health of their Assessments.

Evaluate Knowledge With Insights

Knowledge Details can be easily accessed from the Assessment providing background information and helpful insights into how other people evaluated the knowledge.

Clear next steps and call to action make it easiy to know what to do next amongst a large list of knowledge.

Clear Assessment Progress

Progress of an Assessment is easy to identify. Looking back at completed evaluations is made simple with clear groupings and Conformance States.

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