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Auros Communities

B2B |Engineering | Desktop | 2023

The project

Auros is an enterprise web-based B2B desktop application designed to help capture, share, and reuse company knowledge.

Auros is used by Engineering Teams to track and evaluate their Engineering knowledge.


I redesigned Communities--a place where business processes (e.g. Design Review) and their associated knowledge (lessons learned, best practices, requirements) are stored and evaluated in Auros.

The problems

The  Process Architects have trouble understanding the health of their Communities. Subject Matter Experts have trouble knowing how to manager their knowledge.

Frame 1331 (1).png

Health Across Communities

The new Communities design provides key health insights to Process Architects. This allows them to quickly identify problematic Communities and monitor recent activity.

Community Insights

The new Community Landing Page includes helpful insights with clear next actions. It allows Process Architects to understand the health of their business processes and Subject Matter Experts to manage their knowledge.

Frame 1334.png

Metrics On Knowledge

Various health metrics provide the Subject Matter Experts with insights on how the Knowledge is used. The latest non-conformance snapshots shows the Expert difficulties in applying the knowledge to projects.

Frame 1335.png

Applied Knowledge

The new Assessment visualization gives Process Architects and Subject Matter Experts details about how the Knowledge Base is being applied to a Project.

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